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Forensic Scientist — DNA/Serology

Signature Science, Austin, TX; Charlottesville, VA

Salary: Not stated

Final Filing Date: Open until filled

These individuals perform DNA and/or serological analysis either in Signature Science’s ASCLD/LAB-I accredited (since 12/16/13) laboratory in Austin, Texas or our specialty laboratory in Charlottesville, VA. Candidates are expected to help grow the biological sciences business area through the successful and timely execution of projects, positive interactions with clients, recognition of opportunities for follow-on work with existing clients, establishment of new opportunities with alternate clients, proposal development and writing support, and maintaining a presence at marketing and business development meetings/conferences.

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  • Performing DNA analysis on samples with diverse matrices and various levels of template DNA, to include touch DNA samples
  • Extracting DNA using multiple extraction procedures including differential extraction, quantifying on a Real-Time PCR instrument, amplifying using current, validated amplification kits, and analysis of samples on current genetic analyzer platforms
  • Utilization and maintainance of a variety of modern scientific equipment such as Real-Time PCR, thermocyclers, and genetic analyzers
  • Use of software platforms Genemapper ID and/or Genemapper ID-X
  • Making sound scientific decisions with regard to DNA scientific results obtained
  • Performing statistical analysis and interpretation of DNA results from diverse matrices and DNA template level for both single source and mixture results
  • Incorporating and expanding quality assurance principles into the laboratory operation
  • Responding to inquiries orally and in writing
  • Preparing forensic case reports
  • Providing expert testimony in a court of law The successful serologist candidate will support Signature Science projects involving:
  • Use of an alternate light source to identify stains on forensic samples
  • Performing Acid Phosphatase (AP) presumptive chemical tests for the presence of semen on forensic samples
  • Performing microscopic examinations for the presence of spermatozoa using the Christmas Tree Staining technique on forensic samples
  • Performing p30 antigen testing for the presumptive presence of semen on forensic samples
  • Conducting phenolphthalein presumptive chemical testing for the presence of blood on forensic samples
  • Preparing and conducting quality control testing on reagents


  • Minimum B.S. in forensic science or related field
  • This position requires that the candidate be willing and able to complete a successful background screening for a security clearance. Candidates with an active security clearance will receive preference.

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Posted: August 3, 2015

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