Employment Opportunity

Forensic Chemist

Wyoming Public Health Laboratory, Cheyenne

Salary: $4,128.00 - $5,160.00 Monthly

Final Filing Date: Open until filled

The Wyoming Public Health Laboratory (WPHL) is seeking a Forensic Chemist for the Chemical Testing Program (CTP). Under the general direction of the CTP Manager, the Forensic Chemist has responsibility for confirmatory drug toxicology and blood alcohol analysis. This position follows laboratory procedures and quality control standards to ensure testing is technically correct, legally defensible, and in compliance with current toxicology testing guidelines. On occasion, the Forensic Chemist is required to provide expert testimony in trials and depositions. The incumbent must be proficient with the use of instruments including GC/MS, ELISA, etc., and should have knowledge of accreditation standards of the American Board of Forensic Toxicologists.

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  • Analyzes biological specimens for the presence of alcohols and drugs using chromatography (gas and liquid), mass spectrometry, enzyme immunoassay and other chemical tests.
  • Performs general maintenance and minor repair of GC/MS and chemistry analyzers.
  • Interprets and reports high complexity test results using a LIMS system.
  • Performs breath alcohol instrument certification checks throughout the state of Wyoming.
  • Provides maintenance and repair of breath alcohol instruments.
  • Trains law enforcement personnel in the usage and maintenance of breath alcohol instruments, and the proper procedures for the collection of biological samples for drug and alcohol analysis.
  • Provides toxicology consultation, including court testimony, to intoximeter senior operators, law enforcement, attorneys and state agency officials on technical and legal issues involving drug testing, alcohol testing and intoximeter testing.


  • Must have detailed scientific understanding and technical expertise in forensic toxicology analytical systems to include: knowledge of the principles of analytical chemistry and the ability to perform qualitative and quantitative analyses on complex biological matrices utilizing high complexity instrumentation.
  • Ability to correctly operate, maintain, and interpret results from instrumentation including: liquid chromatograph/mass spectrometer, headspace gas chromatograph, ion trap mass chromatograph, gas chromatograph/mass spectrometer +/- Dean switch, enzyme immunoassay analyzer, automated pipettor, analytical balance, etc.
  • Knowledge of pharmacokinetics, pharmacodynamics, pharmacology, physiology of drugs and alcohol on the human body, the impacts of drugs and alcohol on motor performance and driving ability.
  • Experience with presentation and explanation of toxicology results via court testimony.
  • Experience in implementing current toxicology laboratory procedures and quality control systems.
  • Knowledge of good laboratory practices, OSHA standards, chain of custody, legal jurisprudence, ABFT standards and pertinent state and federal statutes and regulations.
  • Ability to supervise and train both technical employees and other personnel within the state on evidential testing of samples to ensure acceptability in a court of law.
  • Bachelor’s Degree (typically in Science )
  • 0-3 years of progressive work experience (typically in a medical or environmental laboratory) with acquired knowledge at the level of a Laboratory Scientist I
  • Education & Experience Substitution: 4-6 years of progressive work experience (typically in a medical or environmental laboratory) with acquired knowledge at the level of a Laboratory Scientist I.

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Posted: December 29, 2015

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