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Forensic Evidence Technician
Latent Print/Crime Scene Examiner

Monterey County Sheriff's Office, Salinas, California

Salary: $5,121.13 - $6,994.35 Monthly

Final Filing Date: December 6, 2016. Applications received after December 6th, will be screened on an as needed basis.

The Monterey County Sheriff's Office is recruiting for Forensic Evidence Technicians to work in the Forensics Services Unit of the Enforcement Operations Bureau. This non-safety position is assigned to the Investigations Division, works with sworn personnel collecting and preserving evidence associated with major criminal cases and offers expert testimony in court; and performs other duties as is required.

Candidates will be considered at both the Forensic Evidence Technician (Trainee) and Forensic Evidence Technician (Journey level). Candidates appointed to the Forensic Evidence Technician (Trainee) ($4,608.90 – $6,294.60/Mo.) will be promoted to the Forensic Evidence Technician level subject to meeting the employment standards for the higher job class and receiving a recommendation for promotion by the appointing authority.

The Eligible List established by this recruitment process will be used to fill current and future vacancies as they arise.

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  • Compares unknown latent prints to known inked prints; examines, prepares and develops latent fingerprints both chemically and with the conventional dusting techniques; analyze prints collected at or off of evidence collected at crime scenes, and searches files for comparisons with those of known persons, both manually and by scanning into the automated Cal-ID and FBI/ULW fingerprint systems; consults on latent fingerprint identification problems; and prepares complete reports of findings/results.
  • Responds to major crime scenes and provides specialized support by searching for, collecting, preserving, transporting and processing physical evidence (i.e., latent fingerprints, blood samples, toolmarks, footprints, tire impressions and plaster casts) gathered at crime scenes.
  • Collects, preserves and photographs evidence (i.e., hair, fingerprint, clothing, fingernail scrapings, saliva and other physical samples) on and from persons at crime scenes; Attends autopsies to collect evidence; fingerprints deceased persons; photographs deceased before and after being cleaned up; and tags evidence as autopsy is conducted.


Working knowledge of:
  • Federal/State laws regarding search and seizure of physical evidence;
  • Methods and techniques of criminal identification, latent print comparison and crime scene investigation;
  • Fingerprint identification and other technical and scientific instruments, equipment, supplies and procedures used to search for, collect, preserve and process latent fingerprints;
  • Methods and techniques of various chemical, laser and physical processes and related safety requirements;
  • Rules of evidence regarding chain of custody and methods to preserve and safeguard evidence;
  • Applicable laws and regulations, health and safety codes and precautions for handling and preparing deceased persons and for contagious disease control;
  • Modern cleaning and disinfection methods and practices for cleaning of persons, floors, walls, fixtures and equipment;
  • Henry System of fingerprint classification;
  • Digital computer enhancement software, such as Adobe Photoshop and Microsoft Office Applications.
Skill and Ability to:
  • Interpret and apply applicable Federal, State and local laws and regulations;
  • Operate and maintain various fingerprint identification and other technical and scientific instruments, equipment and supplies to search for, collect, preserve and process latent fingerprints;
  • Operate photography, audio and video recorder equipment; and take and develop digital photographs;
  • Prepare clear and concise reports and keep accurate records, and prepare physical evidence and exhibits for court;
  • Operate computers for preparation of sketches, reports and evidence/photo logs and data entry of fingerprint and/or firearms evidence;
  • Search, document, collect and preserve evidence gathered at crime scenes;
  • Testify in court as an expert witness;
  • Maintain confidentiality;
  • Maintain facilities and equipment in a safe, sanitary and orderly manner;
  • Follow written and oral instructions of a technical nature;
  • Establish and maintain effective working relationships with those encountered in the course of work;
  • Deal tactfully with persons from a variety of cultural, educational, and occupational backgrounds who may be experiencing stressful situations;
  • Take and classify fingerprints in accordance with established methods and standards;
  • Use current safety equipment and take safety precautions in carrying out duties;
  • Work independently with minimal supervision;
  • Correlate, interpret and draw sound conclusions from information received from a variety of sources.
Examples of ways to acquire the required knowledge and skills are:
  • Experience:
    • Two years of progressive fingerprint identification and crime scene investigation experience to qualify as court expert in latent fingerprint and crime scene testimony; or
  • Education:
    • One year of above experience with one year education in Administration of Justice with emphasis in Evidence Technology.
Conditions of employment include, but are not limited to:
  • Work with bodies of deceased persons to include those associated with traumatic deaths and those infested with insects and vermin;
  • Tolerate unpleasant odors such as those from chemicals used to preserve and process evidence and from decomposed bodies;
  • Successfully pass a complete background investigation, which includes a polygraph examination or voice stress analysis;
  • Work flexible hours, shifts, weekends and holidays; and be subject to holdover and call back duty;
  • Possess a valid Class C Driver's license issued by the State Department of Motor Vehicles at time of hire.

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Posted: November 7, 2016

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