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Supervising Coroner's Investigator I

Los Angeles County Medical Examiner-Coroner, Los Angeles, California

Salary: $68,735.04 - $90,152.88 Annually

Final Filing Date: Open until filled

Supervises the activities of a shift of investigative and support staff in the Investigation Services Division of the Department of Medical Examiner - Coroner.

Positions allocable to this class work under the administrative and technical supervision of a Supervising Coroner's Investigator II. Incumbents provide administrative and technical supervision to a shift of investigative and support staff engaged in conducting investigations to determine jurisdiction, circumstances, manner, and cause of death. Incumbents must exercise a thorough knowledge of anatomy, legal terminology, investigative techniques, including the collection of gunshot residue and other evidence and the recognition and differentiation of various modes of death. These positions also require incumbents be thoroughly familiar with personnel practices, supervisory principles, and departmental policies and procedures in order to direct and evaluate the work of subordinate staff.

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  • Plans, assigns, directs, and evaluates the work performed by investigative, decedent services, and support personnel; implements and maintains the department's personnel performance standards.
  • Trains subordinates in department's operational policies, procedures, and investigative techniques; provides technical direction to investigators for unusual and complex cases.
  • Reviews investigations in progress, redirects efforts of investigators, as necessary, and reviews and approves investigative reports to ensure they are complete, concise, and factual.
  • Conducts difficult, sensitive, and complex investigations, such as multiple deaths due to homicide, accident, or disaster, when only basic investigative techniques exist or a broad scope of investigative technique is required.
  • Determines and controls the processes used in the recognition, collection, and preservation of physical evidence in investigations.
  • Coordinates subordinates case investigation activities with those of other criminal justice agencies.
  • Testifies in court as an expert witness regarding investigation findings.
  • Participates in selection of subordinates.
  • Acts for a Supervising Coroner's Investigator II in his/her absence.
  • Required to fly in aircraft, use boats, operate vehicles, or travel in heavy equipment to conduct investigations and remove decedents and to perform duties in areas of difficult accessibility, as needed.
  • Required to drive personal vehicle when performing County business, as needed.
  • Required to conduct activity using specialized, technical safety gear under physically challenging and demanding circumstances; bends, stoops, and lifts decedents as part of investigative duties, as needed.
  • Required to drive a County vehicle to locations throughout the County to conduct investigation activities and transport bodies from death scenes to the Coroner's facility, as needed.
  • Oversees specialized investigative units such as the Special Operations Response Team (SORT), Training Unit, Identifications Unit and Notifications Unit.
  • Serves as Emergency Disaster Coordinator.
  • Ensures compliance with Peace Officers Standards and Training (P.O.S.T.) requirements.


  • Option I: Two years of experience as a Coroner Investigator for Los Angeles County.
  • Option II: Four years of active law enforcement experience in a police or criminal investigation agency, one year of which must have included a full-time assignment as an investigator or detective.
  • Experience at the level of Coroner Investigator is defined as experience independently exercising judgement in interpreting and applying departmentally approved procedures for conducting investigations at the scene of a wide variety of deaths to determine the jurisdiction, circumstances, manner, and cause of death; and to positively identify decedents and make death notifications to the next of kin.
  • A valid California Class "C" Driver License is required to perform job-related essential functions. Successful applicants for this position will be required to obtain a copy of his/her driving record from the California State Department of Motor Vehicles before being appointed. License must not be suspended, restricted, or revoked. AN APPLICANT WHOSE DRIVING RECORD SHOWS FOUR OR MORE MOVING VIOLATIONS WITHIN THE LAST TWO YEARS WILL NOT BE APPOINTED.
  • Out of state applicants must have a valid license from the state in which they reside at the time of filing and will be required to obtain a California Class "C" or above driver license by the time of hire.
  • 4 - Arduous. Involves frequent and heavy lifting over 25 pounds, often combined with bending, twisting, or working on irregular surfaces; and occasionally requires extraordinary physical activity.
  • Certification from the American Board of Medicolegal Death Investigators (ABMDI).
  • A Bachelor's degree from an accredited college with specialization in administration of justice, health/physical sciences or nursing.

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Posted: December 16, 2016

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