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Crime Scene Analyst

Jefferson County Sheriff's Office, Golden, Colorado

Salary: $54,079.94 - $79,921.09 Annually

Final Filing Date: Open until filled

Under general supervision, employee is responsible for processing, investigating and reconstructing events at crime scenes; including the documentation, collection and preservation of evidence. Work involves scene and laboratory examination of physical evidence, frequent interactions with investigators, providing a variety of reports and statistics, preparing court exhibits, and providing expert testimony. Responsible for instructing and facilitating training of law enforcement personnel and community groups in crime scene and forensic related work. Performs laboratory examination of evidence which may include but not limited to: photography (digital image and section maintenance), forensic biology, bloodstain pattern, trace evidence collection, video analysis, and cell phone examination. This position is scheduled as on-call, up to 2 weeks/month. Reports to a Jefferson County Regional Crime Laboratory Supervisor.

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Crime Scene Response and Processing:
  • Involves responding to and processing crime scenes. The Crime Scene Unit (CSU) has 24- hour/ 7-day/ 365 availability including on-call duty rotation. Crime scene processing includes: photo, video and sketch documentation of the crime scene; search and identification of evidence; collection and preservation of evidence; use of specialized forensic techniques on scene (tire and footwear analysis, trace evidence collection, bloodstain analysis, latent print processing, trajectory evaluation, biological testing, etc.); and crime scene reconstruction. Ancillary duties to crime scene response includes: photographing victims/injuries, processing vehicles, collecting evidence from victims and suspects and attending, documenting and collecting evidence at autopsies.
Laboratory Analysis/Examination:
  • When working in the Photography Section: Downloading memory cards from JCSO personnel, completing photo requests (photographic prints, CD's, DVD's, etc.), video analysis, and other specialized photo requests.
  • When working in the Forensic Biology Section: Involves the serological analysis of biological evidence (blood, semen, saliva) and swabbing for trace DNA from submitted evidence items and preparing those samples for DNA analysis. May involve other laboratory examination as needed.
Crime Scene Technical Leader/Quality Control:
  • This position is responsible for maintaining all chemicals, vehicles, equipment and policies for the crime scene unit. Includes setting up frequent training for crime scene personnel. Facilitates the research and/or development of new crime scene techniques.
  • Involves policy maintenance, technical review of reports, instrument maintenance, reagent preparation, performance checks/validation, and proficiency testing.
Training Coordinator/Instructor:
  • Involves training JCSO personnel and other agency personnel in all areas of crime scene processing and evidence examination. It includes coordinating all academy and Crime Scene Technician (CST) training.
Cell Phone Download/Analysis:
  • Involves the recovery of digital evidence and data from mobile devices.
Reports and Court Testimony:
  • Generating written technical reports of all examinations or analyses performed. Additionally, it involves meeting with prosecution and defense attorneys, providing expert testimony and presentation in legal proceedings.


  • Work requires knowledge of a specific vocational, administrative, or technical nature which may be obtained with a two year associate's degree, technical certificate, and/or certification or equivalent.
    • Bachelor's degree with science related courses preferred.
  • Over one year of work related experience is required.
    • Three years of forensic laboratory and/or crime scene experience preferred.
    • Formal training in crime scene, student instruction, video processing and cell phone download/analysis is highly desired and preferred.
    • Certification in crime scene or other forensic discipline through a recognized forensic organization is highly desired and recommended.
  • Additional Requirements:
    • Pass background investigation, polygraph examination, and post-conditional testing to include a medical exam and psychological exam.
    • Possess a valid Colorado driver's license and clear MV record.
    • Must complete JCSO 40 Hour Crime Scene Technician training, if available, within first year of employment. An equivalent crime scene class may be substituted as appropriate.

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Posted: March 16, 2017

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