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Crime Scene Technician

Wilmington Police Department, Wilmington, North Carolina

Salary: $32,947.20 - $41,184.00 Annually

Final Filing Date: March 30, 2017

Assist officers with the processing of crime scenes and evidence by responding to crime scenes, documenting scenes, collecting and packaging evidence, photographing, video and diagramming scenes, collecting and comparing fingerprints, and photographing and fingerprinting arrestees.

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  • Process evidence for fingerprints, examine items for trace evidence, packaging and transporting evidence, collecting shoe and tire impressions, safely collecting biohazard evidence, performing tests for semen and blood, taking samples when necessary, and knowing laws relating to search and seizure.
  • Process crime scenes with still and video photographs by utilizing photographic techniques, understanding equipment, taking overall photos and up close photos, and preserving photos for courtroom presentation.
  • Compare fingerprints by knowing and understanding the Henry classification system, utilizing the AFIS and IAFIS databases, and manually comparing prints.
  • Process prisoners by using LiveScan system for fingerprinting, utilizing ink and slab for fingerprint collection, using a camera to obtain photograph of suspect, completing documentation of arrest procedure, utilizing officer safety techniques, and utilizing protective equipment while processing suspects.
  • Write reports by including all relevant information concerning incident to use in the courtroom, and following accepted report format.
  • Prepare for court by reviewing all documents, enhancing and printing photographs, meeting with District Attorney, and completing sketches and diagrams of crime scene.


Formal Education/Experience:
  • High School Diploma/GED and 3 years of sworn law enforcement experience
  • or
  • High School Diploma/GED and 18 months specific crime scene investigation experience/duties
  • or
  • Associate's Degree in Criminal Justice.

Candidates with directly related crime scene technician experience will be given priority in consideration to advance in the selection process. Selected candidates will work toward certification as a crime scene investigator through the International Association of Identification upon hire.

  • Other Requirements: Valid Driver's License - must meet NC DMV standards.
  • NOTE: Criminal history check, driving history check and education verification is required. Selected candidate will also be required to complete a post offer drug screen and polygraph.
Preferred Qualifications
  • Three or more years of directly related experience as a Crime Scene Technician or equivalent.
  • Bachelor's degree in forensic science, biology or a related field.

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Posted: March 16, 2017

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