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Senior Forensic Specialist

Glendale Police Department, Glendale, California

Salary: $5,260.00 - $8,072.00 Monthly

Final Filing Date: March 31, 2017

This leadworker classification performs highly skilled technical work under general supervision.

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  • Processes complex crime scenes requiring specialized techniques in detection, recognition, documentation, collection, interpretation, and preservation of physical evidence associated with crime scenes to include all types of friction skin evidence, trace evidence, and biological evidence.
  • Develops, collects, and preserves latent fingerprints by applying various powders, chemical processes and utilizing alternate light source technology.
  • Documents crime scene investigations and accident locations by conventional and digital photography.
  • Takes aerial photographs and video tapes of crime scenes.
  • Diagrams and measures crime scenes.
  • Makes impressions of shoeprints, tire tracks and other objects at crime scenes.
  • Downloads digital images and produces digital photographs using applicable software.
  • Prepares and enters latent fingerprints into the Los Angeles Automated Fingerprint Identification System (LAFIS), IAFIS, and other AFIS systems. Compares AFIS results.
  • Responsible for analyzing, comparing, and evaluating developed latent prints for the purposes of identification by comparing the latent prints with known recorded impressions of an individual.
  • Collects evidence involving but not limited to, fingerprinting , DNA, fingernail scrapings, gunshot residue, and other evidence from witnesses, victims, and suspects in custody.
  • Collects evidence required for sexual assault kits including detailed photography of suspects and/or victims.
  • Responsible for collecting, transporting, processing and booking evidence.
  • Responsible for the chain of custody, security, and control of evidence while it is in the possession of the Crime Lab.
  • Prepares court exhibits to depict crime scenes, including latent print comparison charts.
  • Presents results of forensic investigations in criminal cases by providing technically competent expert testimony on comparisons of friction skin evidence, photography , and evidence collection.
  • Prepares detailed reports of investigations and/or forensic examinations.
  • Performs administrative and law enforcement support activities.
  • Ensures Department services are provided with exceptional customer service and the highest level of ethical standards.
  • Assumes responsibility for ensuring the duties of the position are performed in a safe, efficient manner.
  • Performs other related duties as assigned or as the situation requires.


Knowledge of:
  • LAFIS/IAFIS/AFIS computer systems and operations.
  • Crime scene investigation procedures.
  • Fingerprint identification procedures and classification systems.
  • Forensic science as it applies to the collection and preservation of physical and biological evidence.
  • Photographic equipment.
  • Photographic and video techniques.
  • Principles and practices of collecting and preserving crime scene evidence.
  • Principles and practices of lifting and preserving latent fingerprints.
  • Procedures, practices and laws regarding the collection, preservation, and integrity of evidence.
Skill in:
  • Reading, writing and communicating in English to obtain crime scene information, to produce reports and to testify in court.
  • Use of a personal computer including computer graphics/digital imaging and software applications as they relate to forensic applications and processes.
Ability to:
  • Download color digital images to the digital management system for output to storage media and printers.
  • Effectively testify as an expert witness in court.
  • Establish smooth working relationships and resolve interpersonal conflicts.
  • Model and practice the highest standards of ethical conduct.
  • Perform complex latent fingerprint recovery and print comparison work.
  • Print photographs using various processing equipment.
  • Take photographs using conventional and/or digital cameras.
Willingness to:
  • Assume responsibility for maintaining a safe working environment.
  • Work overtime as requested.
  • Completion of two years recent experience in crime scene investigation including photography, fingerprinting and some supervision of staff in a leadworker capacity.
  • Graduation from high school or attainment of GED or CHSPE certificate.
  • Completion of a Bachelor's degree in a related field.
  • Five years recent experience in crime scene investigation or latent print comparison may be substituted for the educational requirement.
  • Valid Class C California driver's license.
  • Certifications through the International Association for Identification are desirable.
Special Conditions
  • Must be able to work a flexible schedule to include emergency call-in, overtime with extended hours, call-back, shift work, nights, holidays and weekends to accommodate City needs.
  • Required to work rotational weekends on-call.
Working Conditions
  • Work is performed in a variety of locations to include on-site work at crime scenes, hospitals, and in the Police Department. Work is performed in indoor and outdoor environments. When work is performed outdoors, there is full exposure to the elements. The incumbent may be exposed to related health hazards to include blood and other bodily fluids/products, infectious diseases, human borne parasites, air, water, and blood borne pathogens, and may have contact with complete and/or partial human corpses in various stages of decomposition. Other health hazards may include odors, toxic chemicals, and hazardous substances. Occasionally, work is performed within confined areas or at high altitudes, including photography from helicopters. Physical demands include frequent standing, walking, bending, reaching, lifting, crawling, climbing ladders and inclines, repelling down ravines, and moving objects weighing up to 50 pounds. May be required to independently work crime scene investigations either without supervision or without sworn police presence. Incumbents must be able to meet the physical requirements of the class and have mobility, vision, hearing and dexterity levels appropriate to the duties to be performed.
  • An equivalent combination of experience, education and/or training may substitute for the listed minimum requirements.

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Posted: March 20, 2017

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