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Forensic Autopsy Technician

Office of Kentucky Medical Examiner, Ft. Thomas, Kentucky

Salary: $26,483.04 - $35,080.56 yearly at 37.5 hour work week OR $28,248.48 - $37,419.36 yearly at 40 hour work week

Final Filing Date: March 26, 2017

Under supervision of the State Medical Examiner’s Office Forensic Pathologist, performs a variety of well-defined procedures by assisting forensic experts in processing complex cases requiring advanced forensic techniques. Assists forensic pathologists and forensic anthropologists, odontologists and criminalists in conducting medicolegal autopsies; and performs other duties as required.

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  • Assists forensic personnel in photographing wounds, injuries and distinguishing body characteristics.
  • Assists in the collection of trace evidence and the maintenance of chain of custody of all evidence.
  • Ensures that indicated x-rays are taken and developed either by operating available equipment or notifying appropriate personnel.
  • Assists in the dissection of bodies, including evisceration, performance of selected procedures, and removal of the brain and spinal cord when indicated.
  • Assists in the proper collection and storage of body fluids for testing, retrieval of tissues for tests, and removal of foreign bodies/material for evidentiary purposes while maintaining chain of custody and ensuring delivery to law enforcement.
  • Adheres to precautions regarding body fluids/materials.
  • Ensures toxicology samples are properly packages; sealed; forms completed accurately under direction of the pathologist; and ready for pick up the day the examination was performed.
  • Cleans autopsy suite and autopsy instruments making sure they are in proper working order after completion of the medicolegal autopsy.
  • Ensures maintenance of an adequate stock of necessary equipment and supplies for conducting autopsies.
  • Receives, documents and releases decedents undergoing medicolegal autopsies into/from the morgue and transports bodies to/from morgue to autopsy suite.
  • Cleans and restores body to its former state of integrity for release, disposes of tissues according to established procedures, and collects and stores tissues in fixed or fresh condition as possible.
  • Transcribe medico-legal dictations of autopsies, finalize reports for distribution.
  • Types from written or dictated material of variety of correspondence, medicolegal reports, records and performing incoming and outgoing office correspondence.
  • Serves as records custodian in answering open records requests and subpoenas under supervision of the Office of the Kentucky State Medical Examiner.


Minimum Requirement - Education :
  • High school graduate.
Minimum Requirement - Experience :
  • Must have one year of experience as an autopsy technician, licensed embalmer, sworn law enforcement officer, certified coroner or deputy coroner.
Substitute Education for Experience :
  • Certification as a radiological technician, medical laboratory technologist or an operating room technician or licensure as a practical nurse or registered nurse will substitute for the required experience. Certification as an emergency medical technician supplemented by four years experience will substitute for the required experience. A bachelor’s degree in a biological science or criminal justice will substitute for the one year of required experience.
Typical Working Conditions and Unique Physical Requirements :
  • The work requires standing for long periods of time and assisting in lifting dead bodies. May have some contact with contagious diseases. Regular handling of sharp surgical instruments. Regular exposure to noxious odors and chemicals.
Additional Requirements :
  • Upon appointment, employees in this class may be required to maintain a valid driver's license and required to drive a licensed vehicle. This status may be necessary for the length of time in this class. If this is necessary it will be listed in the specific position description for that position. Applicants and employees in this classification may be required to submit to a drug screening test and background check. Applicants and employees in positions which perform job duties that may require contact with offenders in the custody or supervision of the Department of Corrections or with youth in the care, custody, or supervision of the Department of Juvenile Justice must meet qualifications pursuant to the federal Prison Rape Elimination Act, 28 C.F.R.115.17 and 115.317.

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Posted: March 20, 2017

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