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State Police Evidence Technician I

Illinois State Police, Joliet Forensic Science Laboratory, Joliet, Illinois

Salary: $3,371.00 - $4,826.00 monthly

Final Filing Date: April 20, 2017

Under direct supervision, performs all the evidence handling processes associated with physical evidence as received by the State Police; this involves receiving, storing, distributing, collecting, and returning physical evidence to law enforcement agencies or assisting in disposal of evidence; chain of custody records are maintained and the incumbent testifies in court concerning the chain of custody; an incumbent in this class of positions inputs and tracks the process of cases with the computerized case tracking system; incumbents in this title may assist in the handling, control and distribution of K-9 drug samples used for training purposes.

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  • Performs assigned duties involving the control of evidence at State Police centralized evidence vaults; receives evidence from various State Police units and subsequently stores with proper accountability.
  • Performs assigned duties involving the receiving of physical evidence from a law enforcement agency; prepares and reviews chain of custody administrative records; establishes appropriate case numbers; receives the evidence; stores the evidence in laboratory evidence vaults; distributes evidence to Forensic Scientists at appropriate times for analysis; reobtains evidence from Forensic Scientists upon conclusion of analysis; stores evidence and finally returns to the submitting agency.
  • Utilizes the appropriate protocol to enter data into the agency case tracking computer system; maintains a daily computer log of cases received for administrative control of physical evidence; prepares reports for supervisors with information such as types of cases received.
  • Develops good rapport with user agencies; ensures a smooth transfer of physical evidence and information to and from the unit of assignment; responds to inquiries from user agencies concerning the status of cases, location and, as appropriate, the anticipated completion dates of analytical examinations.
  • Prepares evidence for presentation in court proceedings; maintains case files and receipts to preserve chain of custody; prevents contamination and preserves the integrity of evidence; prepares physical evidence for transmission to other laboratories or units within the State Police; ensures proper transportation procedures are followed; testifies in court.
  • Assists in the analytical weighing, packaging and destruction of drugs for K-9 training of the Illinois State Police.
  • Performs other duties as required or assigned which are reasonably within the scope of the duties enumerated above.


Education and Experience
  • Requires knowledge, skill, and mental development equivalent to the completion of two years of college, preferably in one of the physical/biological sciences and/or law enforcement.
Knowledges, Skills and Abilities
  • Requires elementary knowledge of physical evidence processes such as can be obtained in introductory courses to law enforcement or through exposure to evidence processes by working in a forensic science laboratory in other support roles.
  • Requires ability to gain and maintain satisfactory working relationships with coworkers, various law enforcement personnel, and legal system personnel.
  • Requires ability to communicate ideas effectively in oral and written form.
  • Requires ability to analyze and correlate data contained in reports of crime.
  • Requires ability to testify effectively in court.
  • Requires ability to use computer software programs and hardware.
  • Requires ability to construct court exhibits and demonstration charts.
  • Requires ability to pass an agency background investigation.

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Posted: April 7, 2017

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