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Crime Scene Investigator

Brevard County Sheriff's Office, Rockledge, Florida

Salary: $16.18 Hourly

Final Filing Date: May 29, 2017

The purpose of the class is the responsibility for the response to, and investigation of, crime scenes including the examination of the scene using various types of equipment. The class collects, documents, prepares, preserves, examines, secures, and packages physical evidence for scientific evaluation; prepares detailed reports on the observations and activities at the scene for the Law Enforcement Agency responsible for the investigation of the crime; and testifies in Criminal Court regarding the findings and processing methods used at the scene. The class works within a general outline of work to be performed under direct supervision.

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  • Collects, documents, prepares, preserves, and examined physical evidence from crime scenes and persons related to a crime to reconstruct the chain of events for specific crimes. Physical evidence can include human tissues or fluids having biological hazards. Assists Senior Crime Scene Investigators in the investigation of major cases, i.e. homicides.
  • Processes crime scenes and physical evidence related to a crime with general knowledge for latent and/or patent finger, palm or footprints using chemicals. Chemicals can include Ninhydrin, Cyanoacrylate Ester Fuming, Iodine Fuming, Hungarian Red, Leuco Crystal Violet and any other chemicals necessary for the development of latent/patent prints. Graphite Powders and alternate light source techniques can be included in these processes.
  • Diagrams and measures crime scenes for reconstruction purposes.
  • Documents investigations and examinations with written reports in a clear and concise manner. Performs routine office tasks such as typing, filing, faxing, telephoning and photocopying.
  • Provides witness testimony in court proceedings.
  • Constructs computerized facial composites and computerized crime scene diagrams for the reconstruction of a crime.
  • Attends autopsies of deceased persons. Collects, preserves, and packages physical evidence obtained from deceased persons at autopsy. Physical evidence can include tissue, bone, clothing with biohazard fluids, fingernails, hair, etc. Records fingerprint/handprint and footprints impressions from deceased persons for identification purposes.
  • Exhibits a general working knowledge of crime scene investigative safety issues. Operates assigned vehicles and equipment in a safe manner.
  • Management may assign additional tasks related to the type of work of the class as necessary.
  • Regular, dependable and punctual attendance is an essential function of this job.


  • Requires an Associate's degree in Crime Scene Technology, Forensic and Investigative Science, Forensic Science or equivalent field of study. An Associate's in Arts degree does not meet the minimum requirement for this position.
  • Requires past experience as a Crime Scene Investigator or equivalent position. Internships are considered experience.
  • Requires a Valid Florida Driver's License. (must be maintained for duration of employment).
  • Must obtain membership status with the Florida Division of the International Association of Identification within three (3) months of employment.
  • This position requires successful completion of Sheriff's Office pre-employment medical certification.
The successful candidate may be placed in a higher pay range, if all minimum qualifications are met:
  • Crime Scene Investigator II: ($18.82 per hour) Must meet all minimum requirements of Crime Scene Investigator plus requires successful completion of (48) hours of crime scene related courses. Certification through the Florida Division of the International Association of Identification as a "Level 1 - Certified Crime Scene Investigator" and at least one (1) year job experience as a Crime Scene or Forensics Investigator. This position differs from Crime Scene Investigator I in level of responsibility, job knowledge, experience and supervision needed.
  • Crime Scene Investigator III: ($20.82 per hour) Must meet all minimum requirements of the Crime Scene Investigator plus requires successful completion of (96) hours of crime scene related courses. Certification through the Florida Division of the International Association of Identification as a "Level 2 - Certified Crime Scene Analyst". This position is responsible to instruct, coach and supervise new crime scene employees. Acts as lead CSI in major cases and coordinates crime scene related activities with Major case Agents.

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Posted: May 15, 2017

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