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Identification Technician I

Hialeah Police Department, Hialeah, Florida

Salary: $1,138 – $2,402 Bi-weekly

Final Filing Date: September 31, 2017

This is technical police work consisting of the identification, collection, classification and analysis of physical evidence in criminal cases processed by a law enforcement support unit. Work involves the responsibility of classification of fingerprints, crime scene investigation and diversified duties in photography. Employees in this class are assigned to one of the technical service units of the department and are expected to perform a broad range of tasks in the field of field of forensic science. Work follows prescribed procedures and is performed under a supervisor who reviews the work in progress and completed reports for accuracy, thoroughness and conformance with established procedures.

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  • Classifies fingerprint standards, files and searches fingerprint files according to prescribed formulas. Searches files to find specific fingerprint cards.
  • Under supervision, locates, examines, records, photographs, collects and preserves physical evidence including trace evidence.
  • Uses measuring, testing, recording instruments and devices; and makes casting of objects, impressions, performs searches, processes for latent fingerprints using different materials and techniques.
  • Photographs evidence using different equipment and techniques.
  • Diagrams crime scene to scale, which includes exact measurements; and develops and prints films.
  • Prepares court exhibits for trial presentation; and prepares analytical reports concerning evidence-processing findings.
  • Preserves, packages and ships case evidence for laboratory analysis.
  • Books, fingerprints and photographs prisoners; and receives, inventories and stores found property.
  • Prepares suspect identification instruments (composites, photo line-ups).
  • Performs technical photography in the examination and identification of physical evidence.
  • Prepares detailed reports of activities and findings of technical work.
  • Testifies as an expert witness in court proceedings.
  • Performs other related works as required.


  • 60 college credits from an accredited institution OR a high school diploma or GED from an accredited institution and one of the following: a Certificate from the American Institute of Applied Science
  • OR
  • 2 years full time paid experience in crime scene work, i.e. crime scene fingerprint processing, evidence collecting and crime scene photography, etc.

  • Possession of a valid driver license issued by the State of Florida.
  • Polygraph will be administered prior to hiring as well as a full background.
  • Knowledge of the principles and practices of forensic science.
  • Knowledge of law enforcement practices and requirements of accurate evidence identification, collection, analysis, preservation and presentation.
  • Knowledge of rules of evidence and chain of custody principles.
  • Ability to skillfully perform investigative procedures in a diversified environment.
  • Ability to locate, identify, accurately record, preserve, analyze and present physical evidence.
  • Ability to perform minor laboratory analysis, utilizing the proper chemicals, materials, equipment and techniques.
  • Skilled in the operation of a digital camera, darkroom equipment and measuring devices.
  • Ability to prepare detailed and accurate reports of findings.
  • Knowledge of prisoner processing related laws and regulations.
  • Knowledge of property control.
  • Ability to roll fingerprints and palm prints.
  • Ability to classify fingerprint cards using the Henry and NCIC systems.
  • Ability to properly utilize the English language and grammar for report writing and verbal communications, etc.

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How to apply: If you meet the minimum requirements and want to be considered for the position, please email your resume and supporting documentation to: HRRESUMES@HIALEAHFL.GOV

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Posted: August 18, 2017

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