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State Patrol Forensic Scientist

Nebraska State Patrol, Lincoln, Nebraska

Salary: $24.55 Hourly

Final Filing Date: November 27, 2017

This position will train to provide analysis in both the drug chemistry and trace chemistry sections of the crime laboratory.

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Duties will include; examine, analyze, and weigh suspected drugs to determine if they are controlled substances under State statutes, quantify drugs present and/or answer other questions related to drugs. Examine, analyze, and compare trace evidence materials such as explosives and flammable materials to ascertain source, determine identity of the item, and/or answer other questions related to trace evidence. Write reports, construct charts/data summaries of forensic examinations to document test procedures and results, and provide conclusions. Testify at grand jury hearings, preliminary hearings, depositions, or court trials to explain the examination process and to interpret and defend test results. Attend symposiums, workshops, in-service training programs, and staff meetings; reviews journals and books; consult with workers of other laboratories to learn new standards, procedures, and techniques in laboratory analysis. Conduct, as assigned, the orientation and training of new laboratory employees to introduce them to the laboratory and its procedures, policies, and methods and to develop their knowledge and expertise in the forensic science field. Perform other responsibilities, as assigned, such as recommending procedure changes, implementing quality assurance and safety procedures, assisting with laboratory audits, and giving general laboratory tours.


  • Bachelors or post-baccalaureate degree in the fields of physical science, natural science, forensic science, criminalistics, or other fields, where specific scientific coursework in job related specialties have been completed. You must submit a resume and your transcripts with your application. Failure to complete all areas of your employment application may result in your application being disqualified from our selection process.
  • Bachelors of Chemistry or related discipline with courses and labs in general, organic, and analytical (instrumental) chemistry.
  • Experience/knowledge of Gas Chromatography/Mass Spectrometry and Infrared Spectroscopy.
  • Experience with and/or knowledge of statistical data analysis.
  • Familiarity with different types of microscopy to include polarized light microscopy.
  • Computer skills to include use of Excel and Access programs.
  • Analyst should possess skills in multi-tasking, organization, and be an independent individual who is self-motivated and needs minimal supervision.
  • Valid driver's license is required or ability to provide independent authorized transportation. If selected for this position, you must meet the U.S. Citizenship & Immigration Services employment eligibility requirements by completing an EEV (I-9) Form. The agency does not sponsor H1-B Visa's. Regular and reliable attendance is expected. Applicants will be screened for a record of criminal activity and criminal history using a fingerprint-based check, before a final offer of employment is made. Applicants must be free of felony convictions. Applicants cannot maintain a continuous association or dealings with persons, groups, or organizations that they know, or should know are persons or groups or organizations under criminal investigation or indictment or who have a reputation for present, ongoing involvement in felonious or criminal behavior. Applicant must successfully complete an extensive background screening prior to being employed, which includes completion of a Personal History Questionnaire. Selection process will include an interview.
Knowledge, Skills and Abilities
  • Knowledge of: the principles of chemistry, biochemistry, toxicology, genetics, biology, physics, physical, natural and/or other sciences related to the work assigned; laboratory procedures, analysis methods, and material/substances used; the methods to illustrate information and support court testimony; the practices and protocols of the forensic science work assigned. Skill in: the selection, use, and care of laboratory equipment/instrumentation and material/chemicals used in conducting analyses of substances/items submitted as a part of the investigation of a criminal case. Ability to: follow laboratory procedures and conduct tests using laboratory equipment/instrumentation and material/chemicals to obtain results; observe and compare size, shape, quantity, color, small details, and reactions; interpret observations and record results of analysis of items/substances submitted for examination and arrive at conclusions; communicate technical explanations and information to others in person and by telephone, email and correspondence; comprehend and apply knowledge from scientific and technical journals and textbooks; relay knowledge gained to co-workers to recognize and solve problems; formulate legally valid interpretations and conclusions on the basis of tests made and testify and defend these in courts as an expert witness; pass moot court/proficiency tests in the assigned forensic science field.

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Posted: October 30, 2017

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