Employment Opportunity

Electronic Forensic Analyst

Dakota County Sheriff, Hastings, Minnesota

Salary: $57,890-$90,453 per year

Final Filing Date: November 17, 2017

Conducts and analyzes advanced and highly specialized forensic evidence for possible criminal behavior of computers hard drives, cell phones, and other digital media sources. Performs forensic examination on seized digital storage media systems and provides investigative and technical guidance on related digital media evidence. Provides ongoing analysis of technology trends to incorporate proven forensic investigation and supporting technologies into practice. Position receives direct supervision from members of the Sheriff's Office Supervisory Staff. Technical direction and coordination is received from the Information Technology Director on an as needed basis.

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  • Performs a variety of specialized computer forensics and electronic discovery services from digital media including evidence preservation, forensic analysis, data recovery, tape recovery, electronic mail extraction, and database examination. Digital media includes a wide variety of electronic data storage and transfer devices including computers, laptops, cellular phones, PDA's and the images, spreadsheets and other types of files stored on these devices.
  • Maintains strict protocol guidelines for chain of custody and all the evidence to ensure integrity of each item of evidence is handled and analyzed according to meet legal practice requirements that includes: collecting, transporting, receiving, storing, labeling and preserving data collected for digital evidence on submittal for examination and analysis.
  • Determines the most appropriate method of protecting original evidence and recovering deleted, erased, hidden and encrypted digital evidence.
  • Evaluates scientific results of analysis to determine the validity and whether the information has forensic significance.
  • Provides technical guidance in evaluating and investigating cases where computer of related computer media has potential evidence.
  • Provides progress reports regarding investigations as well as detailed and technical report summaries of findings in written and verbal formats.
  • Interacts with investigators from law enforcement and IT department personnel to acquire information necessary to perform forensic examinations. Demonstrates the ability to communicate, coordinate and cooperate with these agencies and in a task force environment.
  • Provides expert testimony in the field of computer forensics; prepares evidence and presents expert testimony in court on results of seizure and handling of evidence, and results of analysis conducted.
  • Continually updates and develops skills regarding new computer technology and use of new software and hardware tools to extract information from computer and digital media systems.
  • Attends training, workshops and seminars to maintain current methodologies and knowledge of trends and developments in the field of computer forensics.
  • Reviews various court decisions relating to the field of computer forensics.
  • Travels to a variety of locations throughout the county to provide technical assistance to investigators and to collect evidence.
  • Other duties as assigned.


  • Bachelor's Degree. Preferred in Digital Forensics, Computer Science, Computer Engineering or related field.
  • AND
  • Five years of general information technology experience and three years of experience working in forensic technology involving computer forensics, electronic discovery and technical investigations. Must have demonstrated ability to evaluate and maintain hardware and software necessary for the performance of criminal investigations preferably in a law enforcement environment. Additional skills require include understanding and analysis of systems security and forensic acquisition of electronic evidence.
  • OR
  • An equivalent combination of education and experience.
  • AND
  • Required license(s): Valid Driver's License.
  • Certified Computer Forensic Technician. Or Certified Forensic Computer Examiner certifications.
  • Understanding / experience in criminal law.
  • Experience with computer forensic software such as Encase, Access Data's Forensic Toolkit, Cellebrite, and Internet Evidence Finder etc.
Knowledge, Skills & Abilities and Work Environment
  • Strong knowledge of data retrieval procedures and forensic practices.
  • Knowledge of evidentiary procedures, electronic criminal situations, fraud analysis and forensics fundamentals.
  • Knowledge of specialized research, intelligence, collection and dissemination techniques related to forensic investigation.
  • Familiar with various operating and network systems and database structure.
  • Ability to translate technical computer analytics to quantifiable evidence for court hearings.
  • Ability to engage with electronic forensics counterparts and law enforcement agencies to build cases.
  • Knowledge of productivity application software (Microsoft Office, etc.).
  • Ability to organize work efficiently and effectively.
  • Ability to work independently and as a team member.
  • Ability to demonstrate good detail orientation, analytical problem solving, logical thinking, and organizational skills.
  • The work is performed in both Sheriff's office building and in the field collecting forensic evidence.
  • Some of the work is sedentary and may have extensive periods of time on PC, laptop or network equipment.
  • Travel is required to off-site locations and work in all types of weather conditions due to situations such as search warrants and evidence collection.

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Posted: November 1, 2017

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