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Crime Scene Analyst

Haines City Police Department, Haines City, Florida

Salary: 16.1051 per hour

Final Filing Date: February 4, 2018

The Crime Scene Analyst, also known as a Crime Scene Investigator is a civilian position under the direction of the Criminal Investigation Division Sergeant. The Crime Scene Analyst performs complex crime scene investigations and tasks that support police, detectives or other law enforcement investigative teams by locating, identifying, analyzing, collecting, and securing evidence for scientific evaluation and comparison through efficient and effective implementation of crime scene investigative equipment; prepares detailed reports on activities and observations and testifies in court regarding the findings and processing methods used.

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  • Responsible for the performance of all assigned Crime Scene Unit operations necessary to achieve exemplary services involving the identification, collection, processing, analysis and documentation of evidence through efficient and effective implementation of all crime scene related services. Performs duties necessary to achieve Department and organizational goals, and objectives, and crime scene responses/initiatives. Maintains sound knowledge of modern techniques specific to crime scene processing. Responsible for collecting/processing evidence for use in the apprehension and prosecution of law violators.
  • Responsible for maintaining up-to-date required/mandated training. Duties include attending training activities to ensure on-going job related training and professional development is compliant with all applicable Federal, State, Occupational Health and Safety, and organizational policies, practices and standards. Required to provide documentation of training to Department upon successful completion of training activities/courses, ensuring personal training record is up-to-date. Required to review and electronically sign General Orders, on-line training, and other instructive/informative documents published in Power DMS, within established time lines. Responsible for training agency members in basic crime scene processing techniques, and proper evidentiary collection methods.
  • Responsible to perform response/on-scene investigative services. Duties include interviewing victims, officers, detectives, and the public; identifying evidence; processing property crime scenes, person's crime scenes, death investigation scenes and other miscellaneous investigations/crime scenes. Duties include performing searches; taking photographs/videos; operating crime scene equipment; sketching scenes; processing scenes/evidence such as for latent evidence; and collecting/packaging evidence. Duties may include handling/processing deceased human body parts. Maintains program cameras.
  • Responsible for processing evidence off-scene. Duties include attending autopsies; processing a variety of items to include vehicles/property using a variety of methods; conducting aerial photography; seeking technical assistance from other labs when processing exceeds the capabilities of the PD lab; preparing and utilizing various chemicals/powders; and uploading/preparing CDs. Prepares and packages evidence sent to outside laboratories for processing.
  • Responsible for administrative duties relating to investigations/calls for service/evidence handling. Duties include managing case load; completing crime scene documentation; preparing comprehensive reports; completing forms; maintaining document files; and maintaining film logs, report logs, other required logs, and activity records. Ensures timeliness of reports/documentation/correspondence. Utilizes computer equipment and software programs. Performs data entry. Retrieves information/data; and compiles statistics. Properly packages and submits evidence in accordance with Department orders and guidelines. Responds timely to SAO requests and/or court orders. Testifies at depositions, trials, hearings and/or Grand Juries. Maintains/updates Department Evidence Submission Manual.
  • Responsible for issued equipment/vehicles/supplies. Duties include maintenance of assigned/issued equipment in operational ready condition, and maintaining Crime Scene Unit vehicles in operational ready condition. Conducts self-inspections. Maintains/utilizes equipment/vehicles in accordance with General Orders. Requests/ensures timely repair/replacement of items not deemed to be operationally ready.
  • Performs additional duties such as back-up to the Property and Evidence Technician, conducting research projects/special assignments; responding to telephone inquiries; maintaining liaison with other agencies, and maintaining confidential information. Occasionally attends Patrol and Administrative Staff meetings.


  • Required knowledge is obtained through the completion of a High School Diploma or GED. Individual must successfully complete specialty schools and training as required. (Overnight travel may be required)
  • Minimum of eighteen (18) months of progressively responsible experience in duties involving criminal identification preferred. The following State of Florida approved course work; Crime Scene Investigations, and Forensic Photography, must be complete within one (1) year of hire date.
  • Individual must possess good oral and written communication skills. Duties may include public speaking, teaching, and presentations, to include courtroom presentations/testimony, which requires the ability to communicate and present oneself in a professional manner. Must have the ability to conduct interviews/interrogations, and to make sound decisions, problem solve, organize thoughts and reason logically. Requires the ability to listen/understand, and evaluate credibility/reliability. Requires the ability to read and write reports, memorandums, and orders, policies and procedures. Individual must be able to work with confidential information. Individual must possess the ability to operate a two-way radio and a number of electronic equipment.
  • Must be able to read and understand State of Florida Statutes; research, resource and supplemental materials; City policies and procedure manuals/materials; Department General Orders, Case Reporting Manual, Accreditation Standards Manuals, and NIMS/ICS issued materials, evidence collection procedures, crime lab procedures, read maps, and radio codes/signals/unit identifications. Individual must be able to recognize informative placards/signs.
  • Individual must be able to work under high demands, short time constraints, and the pressures of a fast paced work environment, meeting established timelines/deadlines. Requires the ability to multi-task, follow oral/written directions, detect/identify suspicious/criminal activity/circumstances, recognize danger or potential hazards, communicate tactfully, impartially, and effectively; concentrate, comprehend complex subject matter, reason logically, organize thoughts, and make decisions. The position requires self-discipline, organized skills, knowledge of established crime scene practices, Criminal Justice System, and available resources.
  • Must be knowledgeable of the following: evidence recognition; crime scene processing techniques and procedures; evidence collection procedures; human anatomy; blood stain interpretation; latent evidence processing; biohazard procedures; hazardous materials; recognize environmental dangers, explosion dangers and potential hazards and chemicals.
  • Individual must understand practical application of NIMS/ICS principles and tactics as they relate to the Crime Scene Unit, and apply safety techniques within a field and office setting.
  • Individual must remain informed of current/community events, abreast of public relations skills, and knowledge of public safety concerns. Operate/utilize photography and video equipment, composite kits, draw sketches/diagrams, and obtain legible inked impressions. Have knowledge of fingerprint recognition, conducive surfaces, and fingerprinting techniques. Individual maintain copious notes, accurate logs and has knowledge of various types of evidence, handling and collection procedures. Has the ability to recognize basic signs/causes of death. Requires the ability to utilize electronic equipment, use tools, and operate specialized equipment.
  • Individual must maintain assigned equipment/vehicles in a clean and operational ready status. Requires the ability to read gauges/odometers and expiration dates, loosen lug nuts, and perform minor vehicle maintenance. Individual has knowledge of electrical and electrical charging equipment, locks and gates, overhead door operations, and office equipment operations.
  • Must be able to establish and maintain effective working and professional relationships with City and other public employees, Department members, Investigative Agents, State Attorney's Office, other crime scene/lab professionals, and the general public. Requires the ability to communicate effectively, and have interpersonal, public relations, problem solving/stress management and self-discipline skills with the ability to concentrate on daily tasks. Has knowledge of social and public assistance agencies, and available community referral services.
  • Individual has a working knowledge of City geographical area/concurrent jurisdictions/patrol beats, shifts, and exercise ethnic and cultural awareness.
  • Must be able to perform basic organizational, decision making, mathematical equations accounting skillsets necessary to perform payroll preparation, evidence processing such as when seizing and processing currency.
  • Must be able to use a computer, keyboard, software such as Microsoft Office (e.g. Word), Power DMS, audio/visual equipment; calculator, telephone, copier, facsimile or scanner, crime scene processing equipment, and field equipment/supplies.
  • Must possess a valid Florida Class E driver's license
  • Must pass applicable post offer pre-employment testing and background and credit check selection process requirements.
  • This position may be required to report for work when a declaration of emergency has been declared in Polk County

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Posted: January 2, 2018

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