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Crime Scene Technician

McKinney Police Department, McKinney, Texas

Salary: $48,345.00 - $71,068.00 Annually

Final Filing Date: March 15, 2018

The Crime Scene Technician will respond to crime scenes for the purpose of documentation, evidence collection, preservation, and packaging. Responsible for performing basic chemical, physical, and optical scientific techniques to locate physical evidence and to recover, compare, and identify fingerprints left at a crime scene. The Crime Scene Technician will analyze evidence in the Crime Laboratory using various chemical and optical techniques to recover physical evidence.

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  • Process crime scenes for evidence and fingerprints.
  • Performs a variety of complex, independent laboratory tests, analyses, classifications, comparisons, and identifications of all types of physical evidence from crime scenes, with emphasis and specific recognized expertise in latent fingerprint examination utilizing the Automated Fingerprint Information System (AFIS).
  • Examines and evaluates evidence, and determines techniques and procedures to be used in the development of latent prints on diverse items of physical evidence by using physical, chemical, optical, or any combination of techniques appropriate to the substance being examined.
  • Preserves and/or photographs latent print evidence, and makes necessary comparisons with known inked impressions. At the request of Medical Examiners, CID, or outside agencies, obtain legible friction-ridge impressions of known or unknown deceased persons in various states of decomposition to establish a positive identification and/or comparison.
  • Receives and returns evidence, using proper forms guaranteeing and maintaining the accepted chain of custody.
  • Prepares and maintains records, logs, and files of work activities.
  • Transports property, evidence, or other materials as required.
  • Participates in court activities: responds to subpoenas; testifies and presents evidence during court.
  • Provides assistance to department personnel as needed.
  • Prepares or completes various forms, reports, correspondence, logs, supplemental reports, witness statements, evidence records, inventory records, or other documents.
  • Receives various forms, reports, correspondence, offense reports, impound forms, property tags, inventory records, vehicle maintenance forms, laws, codes, ordinances, policies, procedures, maps, diagrams, bulletins, manuals, reference materials, or other documentation; reviews, completes, processes, forwards or retains as appropriate.
  • Operates a personal computer, general office equipment, or other equipment as necessary to complete essential functions, to include the use of word processing, spreadsheet, database, mobile data computer (MDC), e-mail, internet, or other computer programs.
  • Maintains current manuals, policies/procedures, bulletins, map books, and other materials for reference and/or review.
  • Communicates with supervisors, officers, employees, dispatchers, other divisions/departments, law enforcement agencies, fire personnel, emergency/medical personnel, jail personnel, court officials, attorneys, victims, complainants, offenders, the public, the media, outside agencies, and other individuals as needed to obtain information, coordinated activities, review status of work, exchange information, or resolve problems.
  • Creates/maintains positive public relations with the general public.
  • Attends shift meetings, training sessions, and seminars as required to remain knowledgeable of departmental operations/activities, to promote improved job performance, and to stay current with changing policies, procedures, codes, and criminal/civil case law; maintains professional affiliations.
  • Drives to crime scenes and various locations throughout the City.
  • Adheres to assigned work schedule as outlined in City and department attendance policies and procedures.
  • Performs other duties as assigned.
  • The ability to review, classify, categorize, prioritize, and/or analyze data. Includes exercising discretion in determining data classification, and in referencing such analysis to established standards for the purpose of recognizing actual or probable interactive effects and relationships.
  • The ability to apply principles of persuasion and/or influence over others in coordinating activities of a project, program, or designated area of responsibility.
  • The ability to operate, maneuver and/or control the actions of equipment, machinery, tools, and/or materials used in performing essential functions.
  • The ability to perform addition, subtraction, multiplication, and division; the ability to calculate decimals and percentages; the ability to utilize principles of fractions; and the ability to interpret graphs.
  • The ability to apply principles of rational systems; to interpret instructions furnished in written, oral, diagrammatic, or schedule form; and to exercise independent judgement to adopt or modify methods and standards to meet variations in assigned objectives.
  • The ability to exercise judgement, decisiveness and creativity in situations involving evaluation of information against measureable or verifiable criteria.
  • The ability to perform semi-skilled coordinated movements, such as those required to operate motor vehicles.
  • The ability to work in a team environment; contribute as a team member and treat co-workers, subordinates and customers with respect.
  • Build professional relationships with internal staff and customers.
  • Offer flexibility and adaptability, especially during times of change.
  • Communicate effectively both orally and in writing.


  • Bachelor's degree supplemented by at least two (2) years of law enforcement experience.
  • Experience in crime scene processing.
  • Work related experience resulting in acceptable proficiency levels in the above Minimum Qualifications may be an acceptable substitute for the above specified education and experience requirements.
  • None
  • Must pass a drug screen, driving record check, and background check.
  • Must possess and maintain a valid, appropriate Texas Driver's License.
  • Must have the ability to pass a physical and polygraph.
  • Physical Requirements - Tasks involve regular and, at times, sustained performance of moderately physically demanding work, typically involving some combination of climbing and balancing, stooping, kneeling, crouching, and crawling, and that may involve the lifting, carrying, pushing, and/or pulling of moderately heavy objects and materials (20-50 pounds). Regular tasks also involved talking and hearing, and occasionally tasting or smelling. Some tasks require the ability to lift or exert force up to one-hundred plus (100+) pounds.
  • Data Conception - Tasks involve work that necessitates some specialized knowledge of clerical or trade-based tasks including gathering, formatting, or visually analyzing data.
  • Interpersonal Communication - Tasks involve work with less than ten co-workers who are mostly engaged in the same activities.
  • Language Ability - Tasks involve expressing or exchanging ideas by means of the spoken word including those activities in which they must convey detailed or important spoken instructions to other workers accurately, loudly, or quickly.
  • Intelligence - Tasks involve ability to make rational decisions through sound logic and deductive processes.
  • Verbal Aptitude - Tasks involve expressing or exchanging ideas by means of the spoken word including the ability to convey detailed or important spoken instructions to other workers accurately and concisely.
  • Numerical Aptitude - Requires the ability to make rational decisions through sound logic and deductive processes.
  • Motor Coordination - Tasks involve operation of motor vehicles or heavy equipment.
  • Manual Dexterity - Tasks involve movements including climbing, crawling, and crouching.
  • Color Discrimination - Requires the ability to have visual acuity which includes the ability to distinguish between colors, good depth perception and a wide field of vison.
  • Interpersonal Temperament - Requires to work with more work with more than ten coworkers who mostly engage in the same activities.

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Posted: March 1, 2018

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