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Forensic Scientist Trainee - Latent Prints

Illinois State Police, Chicago, Illinois

Salary: $4,167.00 - $5,601.00 monthly

Final Filing Date: March 13, 2018

Under immediate supervision, participates in the Latent Prints Section training program. Receives work assignments designed to develop knowledge, understanding, and technical skills related to examinations in specialty areas of the section which include physical and chemical evidence processing, latent impressions comparison, general and macro photography, and laser and image processor operation. Demonstrates proficiency in the various examinations, techniques, and instrumentation taught. Writes reports on examination results. Establishes working relationships with staff members. Observes courtroom procedures and demeanor and participates in skill development mock trials.

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  • Receives comprehensive laboratory training in one of the specialty areas of forensic science, observes and demonstrates proficiency in the technical examinations and equipment essential to perform casework in one of the specialty areas.
  • Attends seminars or lectures to develop intimate knowledge of various service philosophies and operating objectives of other specialty groups within and outside the laboratory system; attends and participates in staff meetings, conferences, and other training and development activities.
  • Receives instruction in the various techniques used in the collection, preservation, handling, and receipt of physical evidence; learns the importance of qualitative control of evidence and testifies in court on the chain of custody of evidence.
  • Reviews books, journals, periodicals, and other informative materials pertinent to the duties of the position; becomes familiar with current trends in new and/or unproven techniques in the forensic science field.
  • Learns to clean and calibrate sensitive scientific instruments used in specialized area of assignment.
  • Performs other duties as required or assigned which are reasonably within the scope and duties enumerated above.


  • Requires a Bachelor's degree in natural science or forensic science.
Knowledges, Skills and Abilities
  • Requires elementary knowledge of basic statistical methods and procedures.
  • Requires elementary knowledge of laboratory techniques used for scientific examination of physical evidence.
  • Requires ability to maintain and establish satisfactory working relationships with coworkers, various law enforcement personnel, and legal system personnel.
  • Requires ability to communicate ideas effectively in oral and written form.
  • Requires ability to construct court exhibits and demonstration charts.
  • Requires ability to analyze and correlate data contained in reports of crime.
  • Requires ability to develop evidence and to present it convincingly in written reports or orally.
  • Requires ability to compare, analyze, and/or identify physical materials and other matters.

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Posted: March 1, 2018

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