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Police Identification Technician

Redondo Beach Police Department, Redondo Beach, California

Salary: $66,420.00 - $75,876.00 Annually

Final Filing Date: April 1, 2018

Under general supervision, the Police Identification Technician performs the duties in the technician job category in the Police Department as well as other duties as required.

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  • Performs highly skilled and complex technician duties
  • Participates in and may direct work involved in the location, isolation, identification, analysis, preservation, collection, and processing of forensic materials, DNA, trace, fingerprints and other physical evidence in a laboratory and/or field setting by conventional, chemical or alternate light source technology
  • May be required to prepare and deliver evidence for analysis and processing by crime lab personnel
  • Responds to inquiries, complaints, and requests from the public
  • Detects, compares, classifies, assesses and processes latent fingerprints and other evidence to determine its usefulness as evidence
  • Submits latent fingerprint and palm print evidence into computer identification system databases such as the LAFIS and CAL-ID systems
  • Prepares evidence files, case files, records and reports
  • Maintains custody fingerprint files
  • May be required to develop and maintain departmental policy, manuals, procedures and forms related to evidence collection and retention
  • Serves as a technical expert and trains department personnel and the public in the development and presentation of evidence
  • Examines, records and processes crime scenes including the design and production of diagrams and sketches, using manual drafting and Computer Aided Drawing software; documents evidence with conventional, digital and video photography
  • Performs presumptive chemical identification examinations on substances such as blood and narcotics
  • Testifies in court as an expert witness related to the identification and processing of evidence, the comparison and analysis of fingerprints; transports self and equipment to crime scenes
  • Maintains job-related equipment and materials
  • May be required to assist with the preparation of Requests for Proposals and project management to acquire and maintain forensic evidence hardware and/or software
  • May be required to function in various and difficult field environments, laboratory environments, and/or enclosed spaces which may include biological, chemical and weapons materials, attend monthly and quarterly regional meetings throughout Southern California for AFIS, Livescan, and other regional technology issues
  • Performs other related duties as required

Qualified applicants should possess:

Knowledge of:
  • Materials, equipment, regulations, principles, procedures and/or practices necessary to perform required duties including but not limited to the rules of evidence, modern conventional, digital, and video photographic techniques and equipment, advanced techniques of classification and analysis of fingerprints and laboratory analysis; applicable safety and health regulations.
The ability to:
  • Satisfactorily perform required duties including but not limited to: taking, classifying, and analyzing latent and rolled fingerprints and palm prints and submitting them for automated search and retrieval; train sworn and non-sworn police personnel in crime scene investigation and evidence collection; learn the statutory and case laws of the State of California relevant to the job; maintain detailed records, reports, and activity logs; read, speak, write and understand the English language and provide clear and concise written and oral reports; give expert testimony in court; operate a computer terminal for extended periods of time; work shifts, weekends, holidays and overtime; wear a pager and be on-call; adhere to applicable terms and conditions of employment including but not limited to safety and health regulations, labor agreements, City rules and regulations, policies and procedures; establish and maintain effective working relationships with other department staff, other City employees and the public;
  • legally operate a motor vehicle with a valid Class C California driver license in the State of California.
The skills to:
  • Use laboratory equipment and specialized computer and technological hardware and software for the identification, collection, preservation and processing of physical evidence.
Required Education and Experience:
  • Graduation from high school or equivalent and two (2) years of full-time professional experience in crime scene investigation performing related occupational duties with a law enforcement agency at the technician level or completion of college level course work and training in fingerprint identification and classification.
Desirable Qualifications:
  • Certification by the International Association for Identification, completion of FBI or DOJ Basic and Advanced Field Evidence Technician Courses, certification as a Latent Print Examiner and Crime Scene Analyst, or a college degree in a related occupational field.
Note that the following are minimum qualifications required for this position:
  • Possession of a valid California Driver License
  • Graduation from high school or equivalent
  • Possession of a minimum of two years of full-time professional experience in crime scene investigation performing related occupational duties with a law enforcement agency at the technician level or completion of college level course work and training in fingerprint identification and classification

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Posted: March 8, 2018

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