Employment Opportunity

Crime Scene Specialist

Round Rock Police Department, Round Rock, Texas

Salary: $20.32 - $25.40 Hourly

Final Filing Date: June 3, 2018

Under general supervision, the Crime Scene Specialist responds to crime scenes and other serious incidents for the purpose of documenting and gathering evidence.

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  • Responds to crime scenes, death investigation scenes, traffic fatalities, and vehicle impound lots in a timely manner; responds to follow up scenes such as search warrants and hospital visits.
  • Documents the scene using photographic and video equipment; attends and photographs autopsies; organizes photographs taken by others; maintains the integrity of digital images.
  • Processes scenes for latent prints; properly identifies and collects items of evidence; maintains chain of custody.
  • Examines and identifies latent prints; properly stores and manages latent prints; organizes and maintains a database of all latent prints; compares latent fingerprints and palm prints to the candidate list generated by an NGI and AFIS system; obtains known fingerprints and palm prints; responds to scenes where officers need assistance; maintains files of known fingerprints; teaches basic latent print processing skills; creates charts and other visual aid.
  • Maintains transferred evidence in a secure environment; collects swab samples from barrels of firearms; assists patrol officers with evidence processing, packaging etc.; handles hazardous substances; writes detailed reports; testifies in court to work performed.
  • Assists with creating mock crime scenes; maintains supplies and equipment; provides public fingerprint services; cleans the crime scene office; manages the on-call schedule; attends update trainings and various speaking engagements.


  • High School Diploma or GED Equivalent
  • Minimum of four (4) years of full time employment in a crime scene investigator position. Work experience can be substituted for a Bachelor's degree in a science or crime scene related field from an accredited university.
Certificates and Licenses Required
  • Crime scene certification through I.A. I. preferred.
  • Latent and palm print course completion preferred or successful completion within one (1) year of hire
  • Valid State of Texas Driver's License or ability to get one within 30 days of hire.

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Posted: April 2, 2018

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