Employment Opportunity

Forensic Specialist

Redlands Police Department, Redlands, California

Salary: $44,740.00 - $54,382.00 Annually

Final Filing Date: April 17, 2018

Under general supervision, performs highly skilled technical work assisting police officers in criminal investigations, the identification, collection and preservation of evidence at crime scenes, advanced photography and audio-visual services, and latent fingerprint processing; and performs related duties as assigned.

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  • Utilizes various kinds of scientific instrumentation to analyze, compare, identify and quantify materials of evidence;
  • Utilizes technical expertise in operating a forensic laser and uses chemical methods of fingerprint detection;
  • Collects, photographs, preserves, classifies and identifies fingerprints, palm prints and other types of body prints;
  • Evaluates, compares and identifies latent prints from objects, structures and other materials;
  • Conducts and properly documents crime scene investigations to recognize, search for, collect and preserve all types of evidence;
  • Operates 35mm, digital and video camera equipment in the collection and presentation of crime scene evidence;
  • Maintains photographic equipment and supplies;
  • Prepares and maintains detailed reports and records;
  • Prepares in-depth reports and accompanying evidence for court presentations;
  • Reconstructs crime scenes for reports, court ,etc;
  • May assist a Community Service Officer in providing temporary and vacation relief as necessary in the maintenance and control of police property, evidence and supplies;
  • Creates composite images of suspects using specialized forensic software or hand drawings of suspects based on victim and witness identifications;
  • Assists investigators in setting up and conducting undercover audio-visual surveillance in the field and with bookings, line-ups, photo searches and the packaging of evidence;
  • Tags, marks, and stores evidence collected;
  • Transports evidence for analysis or disposal;
  • Prepares evidence for presentation in criminal and other cases;
  • Provides testimony regarding evidence, chain of custody, suspect identification and other forensic-related matters in criminal and non-criminal cases;
  • Works a flexible schedule that will require an on-call status;
  • Mixes and utilizes chemicals for job-related functions such as development and processing of fingerprints and photography;
  • Receives radio dispatches and drives to all calls within the City and surrounding area;
  • Videotapes crime scenes, training classes and special operations;
  • Requests Cal-ID searches from crime lab;
  • Interviews witnesses to obtain information on crime scenes, evidence, etc;
  • Attends post mortem examinations;
  • Photographs autopsies of criminal investigations;
  • Prepares photos for court presentations;
  • May testify in court; and
  • Performs related duties and responsibilities as assigned.


  • Equivalent to a high school diploma, supplemented by additional training in police science, photography or a related field.
  • An Associate's degree in criminology, administration of justice, police science, or a closely related field is highly desirable.
  • A minimum of one year of experience conducting forensic specialist/technician duties, including experience or training in the field of photography with an emphasis on digital photography.
License or Certificate:
  • Possess and maintain a California Class C driver's license.
Special Requirements - Essential functions and duties require the following physical abilities and work environment:
  • Must be able to withstand rigorous situations in court, handle violent crime scenes, and meet deadlines upon demand. Work on-call 24 hours a day, seven days a week.
  • Ability to perform on-site field inspections, including exertion of a moderate amount of physical effort to stoop, crouch, climb and lift in performance of assigned duties; may be subject to uncomfortable working conditions including odors, toxic agents, machinery, explosives, bright or very dim light and possible violent situations; requires sufficient hand/eye coordination to perform semi-skilled repetitive movements, such as typing, filing, data entry, and/or use of a personal computer or other office equipment or supplies and operation of a motor vehicle; must be able to perceive color, shapes, and odors.

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Posted: April 5, 2018

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