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Criminalist I, II, or III - DNA Casework

Missouri State Highway Patrol, Crime Laboratory Division, Springfield, Missouri

Salary: (Semi-monthly): Criminalist I: $1,654.50, Criminalist II: $1,919.00, Criminalist III: $2,261.50

Final Filing Date: April 23, 2018

This is an entry level position where the employee performs technical work in the scientific analysis of body fluids. An employee in this position participates in a formal and on-the-job-training program. Work is performed under immediate supervision.

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  • Regularly prepared chemicals used in the laboratory.
  • Performs quality control checks on critical equipment and reagents used in the laboratory.
  • Participates in on the job training in examining and analyzing criminal evidence for the presence of body fluid samples (e.g., blood, semen, vaginal secretions).
  • Regularly examines forensic evidence that may be soil laden, maggot infested, putrefied, rank, and/or otherwise unpleasant.
  • Confers with supervisor to determine which items are most likely to associate or disassociate the victim or suspect with a crime scene.
  • Confers with supervisor reference the appropriate test methodology based on the quantity and quality of the submitted sample.
  • Regularly works with a variety of potentially hazardous materials (e.g., HIV, hepatitis, and/or unknown pathogen contaminated body fluid evidence; unidentified chemicals on evidence).
  • Participates in on the job training in complex scientific techniques including, but not limited to, DNA PCR analysis, body fluid identification, population genetics, statistics, etc.
  • Participates in formal on the job training in the COmbined DNA Index System (CODIS).
  • Participates in formal on the job training in quality assurance, audits, and the various governing bodies associated with forensic DNA analysis.
  • Interprets test results obtained from the proper microscopic and biochemical methods.
  • Observes other criminalists conducting crime scene investigations; participates in the investigations as needed upon approval of the supervisor.
  • Testifies as an expert witness in a court of law while maintaining composure under intense cross-examination.
  • Prepares evidence and exhibits; maintains report files; issues periodic and special reports.
  • Generates and receives requests to and from other law enforcement agencies, prosecutors, attorneys, etc., reference criminal evidence and crime laboratory procedures.
  • Studies and assists in revising standard operating procedures, training, quality control, and safety manuals, etc., within the chosen/related discipline.
  • Learns about and participates in the proficiency testing program for the section.
  • Operates standard office equipment (e.g., personal computer, telephone, fax machine, copier, etc.).
  • Participates in and successfully passes practical competency and/or written test(s) prior to assuming casework and/or operating scientific instrumentation.
  • Reads and demonstrates understanding of the technical material contained in operating procedures, training, quality control, and safety manuals, etc., within the discipline.
  • Performs job-related travel, as needed.
  • Performs other related duties as assigned.


  • Criminalist I: Possess a bachelor's degree (or its equivalent) or an advanced degree in a biology, chemistry or forensic science related area; coursework must include 20 semester hours in biology and shall have successfully completed college course work (graduate or undergraduate level) in biochemistry, genetics, and molecular biology totaling at least nine semester or equivalent credit hours. These courses must comply with the current FBI Quality Assurance Audit Document. Coursework and/or training in statistics and population genetics are recommended. A minimum acceptable grade of C or equivalent in the core biology courses is required.
  • Criminalist II: possess the above mentioned academic requirement AND at least two years of experience as a Criminalist I - DNA Casework or comparable experience.
  • Criminalist III: possess the above mentioned academic requirement AND at least two years of experience as a Criminalist II - DNA Casework or comparable experience.

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Posted: April 12, 2018

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